The Department of Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) at UC Santa Cruz centers the interconnected experiences and perspectives of Latin American and Latinx communities as a foundation for intellectual analysis and engaged research. As an interdisciplinary department within a Hispanic-Serving Institution, our mission and vision emerge from the diverse communities that the University serves. 

LALS is committed to transformative research, teaching, advising, and mentoring that advance our understanding of how these communities’ dreams and realities are shaped by migration and mobilities; inequalities, identities, and intersectionality; race and ethnicity; social and political transitions; and culture, power, and knowledge. LALS is a space for dialogues that link the histories, societies, cultures, ideas, and experiences of Latinxs and Latin American peoples in California, the United States, hemispherically, and globally.

LALS Department Office

Merrill College Academic Building, Room 32
Ursula Oberg, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(831) 459-2119
Eric Sneathen, Graduate Program Coordinator
(831) 459-4563 

Christina Navarro, Department Manager
(831) 459-3401

Department Address

LALS Department
UC Santa Cruz
Merrill Faculty Services
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Mail Stop: Merrill Faculty Services
(831) 459-4284
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