2020-2021 Tentative Course Schedule with separate tab of Fall 2020 Pre-approved Outside Electives (look for tab heading at the top of the page).

LALS accepts approved electives from other programs and disciplines across campus to be used toward degree requirements, and we are always open to reviewing new or previously unknown courses with significant LALS content.

Majors/minors are limited to using two non-LALS courses toward their requirements, unless they receive approval for an exception from the Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC), participate in Education Abroad or other internship or field study programs related to their LALS degree (three courses allowed), or are junior transfer students with approved transfer credit from another institution (up to four courses allowed).

Choose a discipline for a list of previously accepted electives:

Anthropology Feminist Studies Politics
College Ten History  Psychology
Economics History of Art & Visual Culture Sociology
Education Literature Spanish
Environmental Studies Music Spanish for Heritage Speakers
Film & Digital Media Oakes College Theater Arts
ANTH 130B Brazil
ANTH 130F Blackness in Motion: Anthology of the African Diasporas
ANTH 130J Politics and Statemaking in Latin America
ANTH 130L Ethnographies of Latin America
ANTH 130M Inside Mexico
ANTH 130P Enthnography of Southern Cone Chile and Argentina
ANTH 130U Central America
ANTH 133 Narratives of the Popular: Latin America
ANTH 145X Special Topics in Socio-Cultural Anthropology (if LALS-focused)
ANTH 164 Anthropology of Dance
ANTH 176B Mesoamerican Archeaology
CLTE 135 Apprenticeship in Community Engaged Research
ECON 148 Latin American Economies
EDUC 128 Immigrants and Education
EDUC 141 Bilingualism and Schooling
EDUC 181 Race, Class, and Culture in Education
ENVS 122 Tropical Ecology & Conservation
ENVS 143 Sustainable Development: Economy, Policy, and Environment
ENVS 145 Green Cities
ENVS 154 Amazonian Cultures and Conservation
FILM 165E Chicana/o Cinema, Video
FILM 168 National Cinema and Culture: Latin America
FMST 115 Gender, Sexuality, and Transnational Migration Across the Americas
FMST 124 Technology, Science, and Race Across the Americas
FMST 175 Gender and Sexualities in Latina/o America
FMST 194F Chicana/Latina Cultural Production
HAVC 140D Chicano/Chicana Art: 1970 - Present
HAVC 144A Latin American Art and Visual Culture
HAVC 160A Indigenous American Visual Culture: Mexico
HAVC 160B Indigenous American Visual Culture: The Andes
HAVC 162A Advanced Studies in Early Indigenous American Visual Culture: The Maya
HAVC 162B Advanced Studies in Early Indigenous American Visual Culture: The Inka
HAVC 180A Contemporary Art in a Globalized World
HIS 11A Latin America: Colonial Period
HIS 11B Latin America: National Period
HIS 12 Introduction to Latin American History
HIS 128 Chicana/o History
HIS 130 History of Modern Cuba
HIS 131 Women in Colonial Latin America
HIS 134A Colonial Mexico
HIS 134B History of Mexico: 1850 to present
HIS 185I Latin American Jewish History in the Modern Period
HIS 190A Slavery & Race in Latin America
HIS 190B Race & The Nation in Latin America
HIS 190D Asian & Latino Migration Immigration since 1875
HIS 190T Latin America in the Cold War
LIT 61Z Introduccion a generos literarios de Espana y America Latina
LIT 80N Latino Expressions in the US
LIT 80Q Jane the Virgin: Latinx Readers & (Latin) American Literature
LIT 165B Latino Fictions of the Americas
LIT 189A De la conquista a Sor Juana
LIT 189B El Siglo XIX en America Latina: cultura, política y sociedad
LIT 189C Introduccíon a Spanish Studies
LIT 189F Literaturas Latinas en los Estados Unidos: en ingles, español y Spanglish
LIT 189G Cine y literatura
LIT 189L Poesía latinoamericana
LIT 189O El Cuento Hispanoamericano
LIT 189Q Ficción y Marginalidad
LIT 189S La Cultura Popular en la Narrativa Latinoamericana
LIT 189V Andean Indigenismo
LIT 189X Estudios mediaticos
LIT 189Z Literatura de Chile
MUSC 12 Mariachi Ensemble
MUSC 12B Mexican Folklorico Music and Dance
MUSC 80F Music in Latin American Culture
OAKS 151A/B Community Literacies
OAKS 153
POLI 140C Latin American Politics
POLI 144 Andean Politics
POLI 190V Problems in Latin American Politics
PSYC 119A Development as a Sociocultural Process
PSYC 140F Mind, Society, and Culture
PSYC 144 Latinx Psychology
PSYC 155 Social-Community Psychology in Practice
SOCY 15 World Society
SOCY 30ABC Introduction to Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies
SOCY 107A Designing ICT Projects for Social Enterprise
SOCY 117M Immigration Enforcement and Deportations
SOCY 156 Latina/o Identity
SPAN 156A The Language of Latin American Cinema
SPAN 156F  El Humor en Español
SPAN 156J Contemporary Central America
SPAN 156M Mexico and the Southwest
SPHS 115 El Ensayo Lectura, Analisis, y Redaccion
THEA 80M Chicano/a Teatro