LALS Current Classes and Electives


Outside, Pre-Approved Electives

You can find out when other programs will offer their courses by searching a phrase like "UCSC literature class schedule" and looking for a link to their tentative schedule for the year.


Required Courses and Pre-Approved Electives

The Latin American and Latino Studies Department is pleased to offer students a variety of elective courses each quarter, along with required courses like LALS 1 (offered fall and winter quarters and in summer session), the LALS 100 series (100/fall, 100B/winter, 100A/L/spring) and LALS 194/L, the senior seminar and lab.

We also encourage students to take pre-approved elective courses outside of the LALS major: up to 2 courses toward the LALS major/minor, or up to 3 courses if students study abroad. Talk to the LALS advisor for more information.

Please feel free to review our tentative course offerings, and also our past, current, and future quarter class schedules.

If you have any questions about completing your LALS course requirements, contact the LALS advisor.