Designated Emphasis Alumni

  • Sandra Alvarez, Ph.D. Politics 2012. Dissertation: Intercultural Sovereignty: The Theory and Practice of Indigenous Social Movements.
  • Stuyvesant Bearns, Ph.D Sociology, 2011. Dissertation: A la trova mas bonita de estos nobles cantadores: Socio and spatiotemporal changes in Son Jarocho music and the Fandango Jarocho.
  • Gloria Chacon, Ph.D Literature, 2006. Dissertation: Exiting Hybridity: MesoAmerican writers and the making of an indigenous literary tradition.
  • Rose Cohen, Ph.D Environmental Studies, 2010. Dissertation: Nurturing New Ground: Displaced farmers and the politics of resource control in the city of Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Pascha Hansen, Politics, 2009. Dissertation: The Use and Abuse of Human Rights: Women and the Internal Armed Conflict in Peru.
  • Rebecca Hester, Ph.D Politics, 2009. Dissertation: Embodied Politics: Health Promotion in Indigenous Mexican Migrant Communities in California.
  • Chelsea Juarez, Ph.D Anthropology, 2011. Dissertation: Geolocation: A Pathway to Identification for Deceased Undocumented Border Crossers
  • Marcos Lopez, Ph.D Sociology, 2011. Dissertation: Places in production: Nature, farm work and farm worker resistance in U.S. and Mexican strawberry growing regions.
  • Isela Ocegueda, Ph.D Literature, 2010. Dissertation: Phantom Memories: An analysis of urban hauntings and memory in Latin American literature.
  • Russel Rodriguez, Ph.D Anthropology, 2006. Dissertation: Cultural Production, Legitimation,  and the Politics of Aesthetics: Mariachi transmission practice, and performance in the United States.
  • Sarah Romano, Ph.D. Politics, 2012. Dissertation: From Resource Management to Political Activism: Civil Society Participation in Nicaragua’s Rural Water Governance.
  • Aviva Sinervo, Ph.D Anthropology, 2011. Dissertation: Appeals of Childhood: Child vendors, volunteer tourists, and visions of aid in Cusco, Peru.

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