Latin American and Latino Studies Graduate Courses

Graduate course work in Latin American and Latino studies is available both in the Latin American and Latino Studies Department and in other UCSC departments. Graduate courses to date in the Latin American and Latino Studies Department include:

  • 200 Bridging Latin American and Latina/o Studies
  • 200A Politics & Society
  • 200B Culture & Society
  • 243 Comparative Methods (cross-listed with Politics 243)
  • 210 Latina Feminisms: Theory and Practice
  • 212 Latina/o Ethnographic Practice
  • 215 Latina Cultural Studies: Transborder Feminist Imaginaries
  • 220 Transnational Civil Society: Limits and Possibilities
  • 225 Race in the Americas
  • 230 Political Ecology in Latin America
  • 240 Culture and Politics of Human Rights
  • 242 Globalization, Transnationalism, and Gender in the Américas
  • 244 U.S. Political Relations with Latin America
  • 297 Independent Study
  • 299 Thesis Research

Designated Emphasis students must take five graduate courses in Latin American and Latino Studies, including the required LALS 200 and LALS 297. The remainder can be selected from appropriate graduate offerings of any UCSC department, as long as they are taught by core, participating, or affiliated Latin American and Latino Studies faculty.

LALS Graduate students are required to take: LALS 200, 200A, 200B, as well as a grant application writing seminar to be offered starting in Spring 2015, and eight other graduate courses offered by Latin American and Latino Studies faculty or by participating and/or affiliated faculty in other departments.