LALS Graduate Student Handbook

The Latin and American and Latino Studies Department

The Graduate Program Coordinator/Advisor, the Graduate Director, and the Graduate Committee administer the Latin American and Latino Studies graduate program.  If students have questions or concerns about university/program administration, policy, processes, or degree progress, the following people would be the appropriate contacts:

Lorato Anderson, Graduate Program Coordinator

Jessica Taft, Graduate Director

In addition to policy matters, the Graduate Committee is responsible for awarding funds for summer research and writing, travel to scholarly conferences, and nominations for fellowships.

For issues related to academic and professional development, courses, academic milestones, etc., students should contact their faculty advisor. 

Graduate Lab/Lounge and Mailboxes

All LALS graduate students have access to the Graduate Lab/Lounge in Vallier Hall (Crown College). Each student is issued a key to the Grad Lab/Lounge by the Graduate Program Coordinator. The Graduate Lab (C212) has two desktop computers for students' use as well as ethernet hookups for laptops; the Lab also holds a black-and-white printer, which is hooked up to the desktop computers. The department will provide each LALS graduate student actively TA'ing for the department with a half-pack of printing paper per term. Students not TA'ing will provide their own printing paper. Please see the Graduate Program Coordinator at the beginning of each academic term for printing paper. 

Graduate mailboxes are located in the Graduate Lounge (C214). Be sure to check your mailbox frequently, as important announcements and official university correspondence are placed in the mailboxes. Mail sent to campus should be addressed to:

Latin American and Latino Studies Department

Merrill Faculty Services

UC Santa Cruz

1156 High St.

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

In addition, students may make and receive local telephone calls from the Graduate Lounge. The phone number is 502-7631.

Graduate Web Pages

Graduate student web pages can be found on the LALS web site at:

Students are responsible for managing their own directory posting. Students may link personal web pages to their pages on the department web site. For more information on personal pages:

Departmental Responsibilities

Graduate Lab/Lounge

Graduate students are responsible for keeping the Graduate Lab/Lounge clean. This includes cleaning microwave and toaster, clearing and wiping down surfaces, and emptying the recycling bin. Graduate Students are also charged with replenishing cleaning supplies when needed.  

Fellowship/Grant Proposals

Graduate students are expected to share successful grant proposals by providing a copy of the successful proposal to the Graduate Program Coordinator. The proposals will only be available to UCSC LALS graduate students.

Students should also provide the award letter and funding information to the Graduate Program Coordinator for record-keeping.