LALS Senior Exit Requirement

Professor Fox and LALS Major Graduating with Honors Marcelino Plascencia, Spring 11 (photo courtesy of Lilly Pinedo)


Every LALS major must complete a senior exit requirement in order to graduate. The preparation and completion of this requirement is structured into the senior year or as early as junior year if the student is writing a thesis. There are four options to choose from all explained in detail at the mandatory juniors and seniors meeting.

Senior Exit Requirements for LALS Combined majors are different. For more information see the UCSC general catalog (scroll down to combined majors for specifics on each combined major SER options). You can also download the desired combined major worksheet (that has SER information) here.

Options for LALS Majors:

Option 1: Senior Seminar

After achieving senior standing and completing LALS 100A and 100B, passing a 194 level course with a grade of C or better.

Option 2: Senior Paper

Students work with a faculty member to expand a paper initiated in an upper division class taken for their major.

Option 3: Senior Thesis

Students undertake two or more quarters of independent research and complete a minimum 40 page thesis. Students must obtain approval from the supervising faculty by the fall quarter of their senior year.

Option 4: Senior Project

A senior project can be either a Creative Project or a Community Action Project. A 10-page description and analysis of the project is required. Students must obtain approval from the supervising faculty by the fall quarter of their senior year

Senior Exit Requirements handout with all four options in detail

When you have completed your senior exit requirement (if thesis, senior project or senior paper), please turn in the Senior Exit Requirement Completion Form, completed by you and signed by the advisor/sponsor of your senior exit requirement (you do NOT need to do this part if you completed the senior seminar option).