LALS Community Arts Project

Art Nights Flyer: same information as on web pageWelcome to the online homebase for our Community Arts Project!

We are hosting a series of online community hangouts where we'll work on art projects at our own pace and talk about our campus community.

Part of the project is our goal of building our own LALS Lotería game this year, with contributions from our community. These events would be one way to work on what that might look like for you.

Are you unsure what Lotería is, or how you feel about it? Join us for our first community discussion where we dive into the fascinating history of the game and why we want to make a new version that represents our community.

Our team finds art to be both relaxing and stimulating: the best kind of combination in these stressful times. Also, did we mention none of us are professional artists or art teachers? This is for fun! and for community. We hope you join us. Our tentative schedule this quarter will be every other Friday, 5-7:00pm, as follows:

Oct 2: Lotería
Oct 16: Nature & the UCSC Campus
Oct 30: Celebrating Colors
Nov 13: Self & Identity
Nov 27: The Collective

Thanks to a generous grant from UCSC's Radical Resilience Initiative, we can send you some basic art supplies to start your artistic journey. We do ask that you attend at least three online events this quarter if you benefit from our limited funding source.

Mailing Address Form for Art Supplies

Please contact Advising or Peer Advising with any questions.