LALS Community Arts Project

lals-community-arts.jpgloteria-art-1.pngWelcome to the online homebase for our LALS Community Arts Project!

LALS Advising is hosting this series of online community hangouts where we'll work on art projects at our own pace. We began as a group working on drawing and painting in fall of 2020, and now we're expanding to include any kind of arts or other creative project through winter and spring.

One of the original goals of this project is to create our own community Lotería game this year, with cards designed by students, staff, and faculty. These events would be one way to work on what that might look like for you. Those of us who join each week find it soothing to work independently in an online community, and some of us enjoy sharing our work and getting supportive feedback.

Our advising team finds creative projects (writing, painting, drawing, etc) to be both relaxing and stimulating: the best kind of combination in these stressful times. We hope you join us.

Thanks to a generous grant from UCSC's Radical Resilience Initiative, we were able to provide art supplies to fall quarter participants. Unfortunately, we do not have the same level of funding available now, but we hope you'll reach out if a set of markers or a paintbrush is the only thing preventing you from participating.

Please contact Advising or Peer Advising with any questions.