Advising and Forms

The LALS Department Office is currently closed to help limit the coronavirus (COVID-19) risk on campus.

**Information, instruction, and advising services will be available through email and other online methods during the closure. Please contact with questions. If you need a signature on a form, scan or take a photo of the form and send it from your UCSC email account.**

Please review this UCSC campus resource for online learning to help you prepare for online access to spring classes, DRC services, tutoring, and advising appointments.

Zoom advising available at the following times (click drop-in advising section to see instructions): 


LALS Undergraduate Program Advising:
Ursula Oberg, Undergraduate Advisor/Program Coordinator
Gmail chat by looking up from your UCSC Gmail account, when available
Find common form links, like Individual Study, Declaration of Major, and Academic Plan here.
Things we can talk about in advising emails and Zoom meetings: