How to find out about Awards, Scholarships, and Deadlines

LALS majors frequently receive information about awards and scholarships via the LALS email newsletter. Many awards are suitable for projects involving field study, research, or other work abroad. Some require nominations by faculty or the department.

Many of the available undergraduate awards are given to students at various stages of undergraduate research projects. Students who are interested in undergraduate research are encouraged to take LALS 100A and 100L, which walk students through the process of designing a research project. Students should also check out the UCSC Undergraduate Research and Social Sciences Division pages for more information on getting started in undergraduate research. For help with applying to research awards and scholarships, please feel free to contact the LALS Advisor

Awards and Scholarships for LALS students

LALS's own Joel Frankel Scholarship is awarded yearly to a select number of students doing work in Latin America or in Spanish-speaking communities within the United States.

Apply for department consideration for the Gabriel Zimmerman Awardestablished to support undergraduate students in the Division of Social Sciences who are passionate about social issues and committed to public service. Read more here.