Getting a Job

Are you wondering what to do with your LALS degree after you graduate?

We hope that you chose LALS because you enjoy your LALS classes and you decided to follow your interests. Why stop now?


LALS is a Social Science, and You Have Lots of Options!

Check out this one-hour video that gives a great summary of how to think about your career options in LALS. 


Practical Advice

You came here for practical advice and maybe even a list of things to do. Here we go:

  1. What do you love? If you're not sure, start with personality and/or career interest assessments.
  2. Do you know what you like to do? Check out resources for finding jobs that match your skills and interests.
  3. When you are ready to apply for a job, get help with your résumé and cover letter.

Please remember to focus on your first job after graduation. You do not have to come up with your life plan all at once!