Combined Majors with Politics and Sociology

Combined Majors

LALS combined majors with politics and sociology provide many of the advantages of a double major with far fewer courses required (9-10 upper-division courses for combo majors vs. 16 minimum for a double major).

LALS is the home department for the combined majors, with combined major plans subject to review and approval by politics and sociology. Honors in the major are granted only when both departments concur. Students interested in declaring a combined major should read the instructions on how to declare a combined major on our major declaration page. 


Combined major with Politics


Combined major with Sociology


Double Majors and Major/Minor Plans

LALS welcomes students wishing to pursue a double major or a major/minor plan. Students must meet the requirements of both plans, without violating the campus double-counting policy.

UCSC major declaration processes by department

UCSC double-counting policy for double majors and major/minor

Students may find that they can double count some courses from other programs, especially lower-division and preparatory coursework.