Major Requirements

Course Requirements
Students may find it useful to make a copy of this Student LALS Academic Plan in Google Drive to start thinking about when and how to complete their major requirements. Feel free to share your plan with to get feedback from your LALS Advisor on the plan, and to declare the major.

Our major is not in the AAR (Academic Advisement Report), but you can make a copy of this LALS and UCSC Degree Checklist (it will copy to your Google Drive) to make sure you are meeting your graduation requirements.

The LALS Major requires a minimum of 11 courses, which are usually satisfied as follows:
LALS lower-division elective (any numbered 2-99)
LALS 100*
LALS 100A*
LALS 100B*
3x LALS upper-division electives (any numbered 101-199)
2x LALS upper-division elective taught in Spanish or Portuguese (can be lower-division if additional upper-division LALS courses taken)
LALS Senior Exit Requirement* - LALS 194 or other, as arranged with advisor and/or faculty
*Must be taken at UCSC
Students may use two courses outside LALS (from another UCSC program or another school). See below for more information.
If you would like to double-count a course from your LALS major with another major or minor program, you must check with an LALS advisor and/or the advisor for that program.

Combined Majors and requirements

Using electives from outside LALS
A maximum of two courses may be used from another UCSC program or department, independent study, or internship. Students who study abroad may use up to three courses. Transfer students may use up to four courses where applicable; see the undergraduate advisor for more information.
Students may use courses on our approved elective list and our approved EAP courses list without notifying the LALS Undergraduae Advisor, keeping in mind:
  • There are no substitutions allowed for LALS 1, LALS 100, LALS 100A, LALS 100B, and LALS 194
  • Courses from other institutions must appear in the student's UCSC record for final approval
  • Students should consult with the undergraduate advisor regarding requests for course substitutions

For substitution petitions, course syllabus and coursework are usually required. If you do not have the syllabus, please contact the institution to obtain it or speak with the advisor.

Language Requirement

Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement
Students of every major must satisfy that major's DC requirement. The DC requirement in LALS and the combined majors with politics and sociology is met by completing LALS courses 100A and 100B.
Senior Exit Requirement
Most students complete the senior exit requirement by taking LALS 194, the senior seminar. See our Senior Exit Requirement page for a full list and explanation of exit requirement options.