Junior Transfer Students

What to take in Fall Quarter

We are excited to welcome you to LALS to complete your undergraduate degree! Most junior transfers enter in fall quarter, and we ask that you jump right into our major with two courses:

  1. LALS 1: Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies (see description for all New Students)
  2. LALS 100: Concepts and Theories in Latin American and Latina/o Studies (fall only)
    Interdisciplinary exploration of transnational migrations; social inequalities; collective action and social movements; and cultural productions, products, or imaginaries. Examines how transnational migration and hemispheric integration are transforming Latin American studies and Chicana/o-Latina/o studies. Explores the influence of neoliberalism and globalization, especially the intersection of critical analysis and social-justice praxis.

These two courses will make up two-thirds (10 credits) of the typical student schedule. If you have completed all of your General Education (GE) requirements with IGETC, you can probably choose almost anything you like for your third five-credit class, unless you need further language instruction to prepare to take courses taught in Spanish or Portuguese.* Consult with any of your undergraduate advisors to select a third class.

You will be eligible to declare the major after your first quarter, once you have passed an LALS course.

View online presentation for incoming Junior Transfer Students


Winter Quarter and Winter Transfer Students

The online presentation and most other content on this page will apply to winter transfer students as well as fall transfers. The main exception will be the order in which winter transfers take the LALS core upper-division series of LALS 100 (fall), LALS 100B (winter), and LALS 100A (spring), and anyone who doesn't take LALS 1 in fall should do so in winter. In winter quarter, transfer students should enroll in:

  1. LALS 100B: Cultural Theory in the Americas (winter only)
    Focuses on transnational, regional, and local features of Latina/o and Latin American cultural production and artistic expression: how culture is shaped by historical, social, and political forces; how cultural and artistic practices shape the social world; and how culture is produced in an interconnected, postindustrial, and globalized economy.
  2. And, if they haven't already taken it: LALS 1: Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies (see description for all New Students)

LALS 100A in the spring will ask you to consider what kind of research you might conduct in LALS-related topics, and then your LALS instructor will take you through the steps of preparing a research project. This is a great time for you to dive into undergraduate research!


Transfer Courses & Sample Schedules

If you have taken transfer courses that might apply to the LALS major, please contact the LALS undergraduate advisor to find out if you have completed your second lower-division elective or other requirements prior to attending UCSC.

Full sample schedules are available for all of our majors.* If you are entering in winter quarter, you would start with LALS 1 and LALS 100B. We are always happy to meet with new students to discuss your first quarter and first year plans!

*Please note that the sample schedules include Spanish instruction courses (or Portuguese in paretheses) but these courses are optional. If you feel comfortable taking a course taught in Spanish or Portuguese, and reading and writing at a university level without any further instruction, you do not need to take these classes.