Joel Frankel Application Guidelines

UCSC undergraduates are eligible, with priority given to Merrill College students, LALS majors, and Politics majors focusing on Latin American and Latina/o issues, whose proposals reflect the founding spirit and vision that established the fund. (Refer to the “Philosophy” of Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship on the LALS website.) Grants are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need.


Project Description
Please describe in 200-400 words the project and how the funds are to be used. The proposal should include a description of the project, approach and methodology, planned activities and budget justification. In accordance with the purpose of the Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship Fund, proposals should be for “special” studies and projects beyond the requirements or expectations of regular course work in the major.  They should also embody the intention to learn from and assist in carrying out social change initiatives that have originated in Latin America or Latino communities within the U.S.


Personal Introduction
Applicants must submit a separate one-page typed biography giving information on personal background, and the development of the applicant's interest in Latin American and/or Latino/a Studies.


Budget proposals should estimate, as closely as possible, anticipated expenses for completion of this project. The budget should be itemized and can include such things as: books, supplies, equipment, transportation, visas, passport fees, living expenses, etc. The budget proposal should include a statement of financial need and list other funds that have been solicited. Generally the scholarship committee offers awards in the amount of $500 for each field study project that is selected.


Please submit at least one letter of support from a faculty member along with your project application.


Students who are awarded scholarships are expected to prepare a written summary report upon their return that describes the actual field study undertaken. In addition, award recipients will share their experiences with LALS, Merrill and wider UCSC communities through seminars, discussions, workshops, performances or exhibits. Copies of all work submitted (including written and audio/visual materials) will be placed in the permanent collections at LALS Office and will be made available for review and use by UCSC community members.