Scholarships and Awards

Regular Notification of Awards and Scholarships

LALS Majors frequently receive (via email) information about scholarships available for local and out-of-state opportunities. They vary in nature, award amount, and requirements. Many are suitable to those doing field study, research, or other work abroad. This information can also be found on the bulletin boards outside the department office at Merrill 32.


LALS Awards and Scholarships

Aside from these various opportunites, LALS's own Joel Frankel Scholarship is awarded yearly to a select number of students doing work in Latin America or in Spanish-speaking communities within the United States.

LALS Best Paper Award recognizes the excellent work produced by LALS undergraduates and encourages students to produce outstanding papers.

The Walsh Family Scholarship (administered by LALS every few years) is also available to our students.


Social Sciences and Campus-wide Opportunities

See a complete list of Awards in the Division of Social Sciences.

The UCSC Financial Aid and Scholarships office is your resource for on- and off-campus scholarships.