Forms, Petitions, and Resources

Find some of the most commonly sought forms and information below. Don't see something you need? Email You can also find an extensive list of campus resources here. And there's lots of useful information in the LALS Grad Handbook.

Many of these forms are available on the Graduate Division website as well.

TA Resources


Enrollment expectations for LALS grads:

  • The minimum load for full-time students is 10 units of graduate and/or upper-division undergraduate course work.
  • The minimum load for students who have advanced to candidacy is 5 units of graduate and/or upper-division undergraduate course work, usually Thesis Research LALS 299.
  • Students who enrolled in the program in Fall 2018 or later must also enroll in LALS 292 each quarter.
  • Email to request independent study enrollment information (include instructor and credits needed).

Advancement to Candidacy

Due to LALS Dept by end of 2nd year (spring quarter):

Due to Dept and Grad Div by end of 3rd year / QE quarter:

Due to Dept after QE:

Designated Emphasis

Dissertation and Defense

Beyond Normative Time