Graduate Student Handbook

The Latin American and Latino Studies Graduate Student Handbook is available as a PDF document.

The Latin American and Latino Studies PhD Program at UC Santa Cruz, the first of its kind in our field, has developed a unique approach that bridges the Américas and helps scholars understand the dynamics of hemispheric change. With its first cohort beginning in 2014, the LALS PhD Program focuses on building an intellectual community of scholars to participate in innovative cross-border research, bridge theory and practice, and engage in dialogue between the social sciences and humanities/cultural studies. 

We engage in our work through the following thematic clusters: 1) Transnationalisms, Migrations, and Displacement; 2) Intersectionality, Identities, and Inequalities; 3) Collective Action, Social Movements, and Social Change; 4) Culture, Power, and Knowledge.

This handbook provides academic and administrative guidelines and community principles for graduate students in LALS.

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