Using Permission Numbers

This page is for students who need to use a permission number to enroll in a class. Permission numbers or "permission codes" override prerequisites for a class to allow you to enroll.

The first step to use a Permission Number is to search for the class you want to enroll in, using the 5-digit "Class Number" (different from the Permission Number) or the Course ID (which is LALS 1, or LALS 100, for example). If the course is in your Shopping Cart already, first remove it, then start over by searching for the class.

"Add" the class, and look for the "Permission Number" box/field. Put the 4- to 6-digit "Permission Number" in the space provided, and process your Add.

Permission numbers are distributed by faculty or department staff, and can only be used once. If you use your permission number, then drop the class, then try to add it again, you will need a new permission number.

Look here for step-by-step instructions for enrolling with a permission number from a Waitlist.

If you run into issues with a Permission Number after trying these steps, contact and we'll walk you through it!