Enriching your LALS Education

Are you interested in undergraduate research? Community events? Spending a year or a semester abroad?

There are many ways to enhance your undergraduate experience, and we want to help! Take a look at some of the resources here and contact LALS Advising if you want to talk over your options.

To find student organizations and clubs affiliated with UCSC, start here.

For undergraduate research information and opportunities in the Social Sciences, start here. If you want something LALS-specific, we put together a few classes and other options on this page.

Global Learning at UCSC is a great resource for expanding your horizons, literally! LALS strongly encourages participation in Global Learning programs when possible. You can start on our study abroad page to learn more about using abroad experiences toward your LALS and UCSC degree.

Here's our current LALS Newsletter (scroll to see more or click here to see the full version online). Keep reading below for more ways to enrich your LALS program!