Major/Minor Declaration

To Declare a Major or Minor in LALS

1. Pass an LALS course

2. Submit an LALS Major/Minor Declaration Form online or email to tell us you are ready to declare.

Declaring a Double Major or Minor in LALS may require meeting with the advisor for your other program of study before declaring with LALS. Review these department major declaration procedures for information on the declaration process for the other program.

We also suggest you become familiar with the campus policy on double counting courses at UCSC.


To Declare a Combined Major in LALS / Politics:

1. Pass LALS 1 and one lower-division Politics course (numbered 1-79).

2. Meet with Politics Advising to complete the Politics portion of your academic plan.

3. See your LALS Advisor to complete the LALS portion of your plan and get declared.


To Declare a Combined Major in LALS / Sociology:

1. Pass LALS 1 and two Sociology courses (choose from SOCY 1, SOCY 10, and SOCY 15).

2. Meet with the LALS Advisor to get declared.


Major / Minor Advising

We can help you complete an Academic Planning Form, Petition for Major/Minor Declaration, or a Major Worksheet for the LALS major, as well as for combined majors with Politics and Sociology.