Graduating Senior Check

NOTE that the AAR / Academic Advisement Report is NOT set up to show your progress with LALS requirements, but it will show students where they stand with general education and other graduation requirements (180 credits, P/NP percentage, etc).

To verify your LALS requirements and graduate (LALS, Combo majors, LALS Minor):

  1. Please email or make an advising appointment through Slug Success to complete a graduation check.
  2. If you completed the Senior Exit Requirement via creative project, senior thesis, or expanded paper (not by taking a senior seminar LALS 194 course), you must submit a Senior Exit Requirement Completion Form (signed by your faculty advisor) to the LALS department. If you wrote a thesis, you must additionally provide an electronic copy to the department.
  3. Apply to Graduate on your portal early in the quarter you plan to graduate or in the quarter before (specifying the correct graduation quarter). Register separately for ceremonies (see below). 

Time to celebrate!

  1. If you applied to graduate, you will be invited to the LALS End Of Year Celebration, which takes place at the end of Spring quarter. Please RSVP when you receive your invitation.
  2. Also make sure to check with your College about commencement, with El Centro if you want to participate in the Chicanx and Latinx Graduation ceremony, and with Cantú Queer Center to participate in the Rainbow Ceremony.
  3. So many celebrations and so many reasons to celebrate. Congratulations!