Language Requirement

Attention: changes to the 2022-2023 General Catalog will offer students enrolled in the 2022-23 academic year the following options:

  • An LALS degree with no language requirement
  • LALS/Politics and LALS/Sociology combined degrees with no language requirement
  • An LALS Language Intensive degree

Language Requirement Majors:

  • LALS Language Intensive BA (Enrollment in 2022-23 Academic Year required)
  • LALS BA (Enrollment years 2017 - 2021-22 Academic Year)
  • LALS Combined majors with Politics and Sociology (Enrollment years 2017 - 2021-22 Academic Year)

Majors in LALS prior to the 2022-23 academic year are required to complete two courses taught in Spanish or Portuguese. One course is required for combined majors with Politics or Sociology. Students can assess their language preparation through the Language Studies Program. Placement exams may be used to enroll in the appropriate language-instruction courses, or to help direct self-study, to prepare for enrollment in a required course(s):

Portuguese Placement: enroll in PORT 1 / Intro to Portuguese or for enrollment in a more advanced level see the placement guidelines.

Spanish Placement: take the online assessment; if you are a fluent heritage speaker, see the guidelines for self-placement.

We want to emphasize that students are not required to take language instruction courses. Students are responsible for placing themselves in LALS courses taught in Spanish and Portuguese. Other departments on campus may use language placement prerequisites for their LALS elective courses, which you can review in the catalog or in the searchable schedule of classes. A list of all pre-approved electives shows that the Spanish-language LALS-focused courses are offered through the LIT and SPAN departments.

Contact the LALS Undergraduate Program Coordinator for more information.

When possible, we strongly encourage students to consider study in a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country or community; in fact, study abroad may be necessary to complete two LALS courses taught in Portuguese depending on when students begin the major. Explore your study abroad options, and be sure to look at deadlines, which come up many months before departure. In many cases you can use your Financial Aid to study abroad!