Great Work by LALS Undergraduate Students

• Congratulations Samantha Pineda!

samantha pineda

LALS and Feminist Studies major Samantha Pineda been selected to receive 2014-2015 Humanities Undergraduate Research Award (HUGRA) for her project titled,

“Tracing Contributions: Salvadoran Women in the Diaspora and the 2014 Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) Presidential Campaign” by IHR - Institute for Humanities Research.

We congratulate her for her great achievements!

Samantha is also a 2014 recipient of the Joel Frankel Scholarship to work on her project in El Salvador: "Salvadorian women in transnational solidarity movements"

• LALS major Sammy Mestizo describes his "too good to be true" experience as a MURAP cohort member.

sammy Mestizo


Sammy Mestizo, LALS senior, is now working on his PhD application already! And he has a lot to share about one of the reasons he is so prepared: His participation in the MURAP Program!

"The Moor Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (MURAP) caters to minority students in the Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences who demonstrate a significant desire to obtain a PhD, work in academia, and serve as an example for future students with similar backgrounds. I was skeptical of such a program’s existence when my mentor forwarded me the call to apply: the program seemed too good to be true. Now that I am a MURAP alumnus, I want to spread the good news to my fellow slugs that such a program DOES exist. Some of the technical benefits I received as a MURAP cohort member include a $3,500 stipend, a $1,500 food stipend, $500 in reimbursement for travel expenses, free housing in the university dorms during the program, mentorship on a 20 page research paper/writing sample for graduate school applications, abundant GRE preparation, experience with speaking at a formal conference, networking experience, recommendation letters for grants and PhD program applications, and plentiful advice on graduate school in general. Besides the technical benefits, I enjoyed just living for two months in the south with like-minded students from all corners of the U.S. I realized, after hearing from students from various universities, that there are relatively FEW scholarship, grant, and internship opportunities for UCSC students. Therefore, I encourage all of you who are considering a PhD to apply for the MURAP starting on 03 November 2014. Email me at if you have
any questions regarding the MURAP. Take advantage of this great opportunity!"

Application opens on November 3rd, 2014 and closes on 06 February 2015.

Applicants must have at least one full quarter remaining after the program ends.

MURAP application can be found here:

• LALS students are amongst recipients of the Deans' and Chancellor's Awards 2014


See details of their award here:

• Check out LALS Major America Valdes' movie "Una Mañana"


A newly opened day workers center in the city of Santa Cruz strives to create a more just working environment for the jornalero and migrant community. While trying to establish its presence as a new labor community resource, the center faces constant opposition from some community members. Some of the men who are part the center share their struggle as migrants and day workers trying to support their families while trying to make ends meet. The film gives a glimpse into the life of those who are constantly being pushed into the margins of society.

una manana movie image