What will YOU do with your LALS BA?

UCSC's Career Success can help you translate your Latin American and Latino Studies knowledge and transferable skills into the next step, whether it's a job or graduate school. The o*net interest profiler is a great tool to find careers and their required educational pathways.

Putting Your LALS Degree to Work

When you are creating your résumé, writing your cover letters, and applying for jobs, feel free to use the language we use in our catalog description as you describe transferable skills you've learned from your LALS major. For instance:

  • Critical Thinking = excellent problem-solving skills with global/intercultural fluency
  • Research Methods = experience in data-driven analysis
  • Communication = extensive communication skills, including experience in oral presentations and cross-cultural literacy across digital platforms
  • Lifelong Learning Skills = ability to understand new concepts and explore new ideas through community engagement and collaborative/team efforts

FYI, the skills and abilities described above are exactly what employers are looking for (according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers)!

Career Success at UCSC

Don't forget to explore the many resources available through Career Success. Some of our favorites include:

Careers in Social Justice for Social Scientists

Check out this one-hour video that gives a great summary of how to think about your career options in LALS.