LALS Major and Minor Requirements

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Required for ALL MAJORS - Email for more information!

For all students (we recommend for LALS minors as well):
  • LALS 1: Introduction to Latin American and Latina/o/x Studies

Core courses for second, third, and fourth year students (LALS minors choose one):

  • LALS 100: Concepts and Theories in Latin American and Latina/o/x Studies
  • LALS 100B: Cultural Theory in the Americas
  • LALS 100A/L: Social Science Analytics

Upper-division elective courses for LALS BA (no concentration) and LALS minor:

  • Four LALS elective courses numbered 101-194

For advanced LALS BA students:

  • LALS 194: Senior Seminar in LALS topics vary (link is 194A as an example)
  • LALS 194L: Senior Seminar Research Development Lab (2 credits)

Pass one LALS course with Pass or C grade or better to declare the major or minor in LALS. Additional courses required to declare combined majors.