Undergraduate Research

Internships and Field Study are Opportunities for Research

Below are a few examples of ways to begin and/or continue field study, internships, and research as an LALS student through existing classes and programs. Most of these options include LALS elective coursework that can count toward a major or minor.

Community Outreach/Service:
Politics / Policy:
Topics Vary:

Designing Your Own Research

LALS students who are interested in designing their own research projects are encouraged to take LALS 100A/L as early as possible, since it "Introduces students to the methods and analytic approach of social science research within the field of LALS, with an emphasis on research in pursuit of social justice. Builds practical research skills including developing research questions, writing surveys, and conducting interviews."

View student research presentations from the 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium below. 



LALS students should also check out the UCSC Undergraduate Research and Social Sciences Division pages for more information on getting started in undergraduate research. For help with applying to research awards and scholarships, please feel free to contact the LALS Advisor.

We enjoy a close connection with the Research Center for the Americas (RCA), which sponsors research projects and internships in-house, like the Human Rights Investigations Lab, and across campus, like the UCSC Bilingualism Research Lab. The RCA is also connected with the Institute for Social Transformation, where you might find more opportunities to get involved in community based organizations and research through its Social Sciences Centers partners.