Senior Exit Requirement

Students declaring LALS in or beyond the catalog year of 2022-23 will complete one of our LALS 194 senior seminars and the 194L senior seminar lab to satisfy the senior exit requirement. Students who wish to complete a senior thesis, expanded paper, or creative project should contact the advisor for more information.

For students with a catalog year of 2021-22 or prior, the senior exit requirement is fulfilled via one of four options (see below).

For combined majors with LALS, see the General Catalog for current requirements.


Senior Comprehensive Requirement Options for LALS Majors in Catalog Year 2021-22 or prior

  1. Passing a Latin American and Latino studies senior seminar (course number 194). In these courses, students must write at least 30 pages cumulatively during the quarter. The final paper must be based on independent scholarly research, demonstrate advanced skills in critical analysis, and have undergone revisions. Senior standing and completion of courses 100A and 100B are required before taking a 194 course for fulfillment of the Senior Exit Requirement.
  2. An expanded research paper, a minimum of 20 pages in length. This paper often builds on related course work and requires approval from the relevant faculty adviser before the end of the winter quarter of the senior year. Students must be enrolled in an independent study tutorial to complete this paper.
  3. A senior thesis, generally between 40–60 pages, based on two or more quarters of sustained independent research under the supervision of a faculty advisor while enrolled in an independent study (approved by petition to LALS, and with the approval of the faculty advisor). This option is recommended for those students seeking to enter graduate school.
  4. A senior project, which can be either a creative project or a community-action project. Creative projects include website design, video, performance, slide show, photo exhibit, or other media work. A short written analysis of the student’s experience in conducting the project is required. Community-action projects often involve sustained research and/or activity conducted in a community organization or public interest group, usually stemming from an internship. The required short, written analysis must be 10 pages at minimum.